5 accessories to enhance your mobile gaming sessions

Smartphone games are hugely popular in India, from the casual Ludo King and Candy Crush Saga to the more competitive battle royale games like Apex Legends and Call of Duty Mobile and the graphically intensive titles like Asphalt 9 and Genshin Impact.

While many of us today have smartphones with the power to facilitate these games, the experience can still be enhanced by using some additional accessories and tools. Today we’re going to look at five such smartphone accessories designed to help you enhance your gaming experience and make it more convenient.

shoulder trigger

I was personally skeptical of shoulder triggers long after they came out, but once I actually pushed myself to try one of these, life was easier in titles like Call of Duty Mobile and the now-banned BGMI. Unless you have a phone that itself comes with an implementation of shoulder triggers, like the Poco F3 GT or the Asus ROG Phone 6, these can help you get an extra pair of quick access buttons.

These buttons can then be mapped to pretty much any control in the game, provided the button layout for that particular control can be moved around the screen to bring them close to the shoulder button receiver areas. Shoulder triggers are available as a two-trigger unit or as two separate triggers, giving you multiple options to try.

L-shaped USB charging cable

Charging is perhaps one of the most overlooked aspects of mobile gaming. Yes, nobody likes to play when you have a cable plugged into your phone, with the cable probably getting in the way. However, every gamer has at some point been able to charge their phone to survive an intense game, probably an online multiplayer game that cannot be paused.

That’s when you need to charge, and while you may not be able to get rid of the cable entirely just yet, you can alleviate the pain and discomfort caused by having the charging end of your cable sticking out of the bottom of your phone by Invest in an L-shaped cable. L-shaped cords have a 90-degree turn to the right where the cord connects to the phone, allowing users to play without greatly changing the position of their hands.

finger sleeve

If you play competitive games that require a lot of finger movement on the screen, you may have had bad days where the buildup of dirt on your fingers and screen can cause jerky, not-so-smooth movement when aiming or moving around in a game.

This can be avoided by using so-called finger cuffs or finger gloves. These are cheap but useful investments if you play a lot and are really serious about trying your best in every game.


If your phone has a good processor and the necessary power to run big games with maximum graphics, but has inefficient cooling, you can run into unbearably high temperatures pretty quickly while gaming. External fans can fix this to an extent, they can simply be attached to the back of your phone and run their fans to pull heat from the back of your device to the outside.

However, cooling fans may not be as effective for everyone. If you have a phone with a back material that doesn’t conduct and transfer heat very well to begin with, the fan may not be able to effectively draw heat away from the phone. The same is also true if you are using a case or sleeve that is preventing your fan from working efficiently.

Detachable gamepad

I’ve already talked about how useful shoulder triggers are, but they only have two buttons. What if you need something with a little more versatility? Enter detachable gamepads. While these can be the most expensive on our list, they can also be absolutely worth it for the right players and the right games.

They have half-size pads like the iQOO GamePad, as well as full-size pads like the Razer Kishi. These can be paired either wirelessly or directly to your phone by docking the phone to a gamepad’s Type-C or Lightning port. Multiple, remappable buttons allow you to assign each to a specific control without having to change your alignment. Just make sure that the gamepad you eventually decide to buy actually supports the games you intend to play.

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