AIMIM UP boss Shaukat Ali booked for ‘disturbing community harmony’

Uttar Pradesh Police have charged All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen (AIMIM) President Shaukat Ali with “disrupting communal harmony” during his rally in Sambhal on Friday. In his speech at the rally, Ali allegedly made provocative statements against Hindus, saying that Muslims ruled over the community for 832 years and “made Hindus ‘ji huzoor’ Muslim rulers with folded hands”.

A video of his alleged speech went viral on social media on Saturday, where AIMIM’s President of Uttar Pradesh can say that Muslims marry twice but respect both women equally, while Hindus marry one but keep three mistresses. He goes on to say that whenever the BJP is weakened, its leaders raise Muslim-related controversies.

“Sometimes they say that you (Muslims) have many children and marry two or three times… Yes, if we marry twice, we respect both women equally, but you (Hindus) marry one woman and have three mistresses that no one knows about ‘ he can be heard saying in Hindi.

In another part of the video, Ali can be heard saying, “Worms and insects like you have been ruled by us for 832 years and you made Ji Huzoor with your hands clasped behind your back and now you threaten us.”

Regarding the Mughal Emperor Akbar’s marriage to Jodha Bai, Ali said, “Who is more secular than us? Akbar married Jodha Bai. We also raise your people together with us. But you have a problem. A Sadhu says Muslims should be slaughtered. Why? Are we like carrots, radishes, onions?”

A complaint against him was made to PTI news agency by one Archit Aggarwal, Superintendent of Police Chakresh Mishra.

Ali was charged under sections 153A (promoting enmity between different groups based on religion, race, place of birth, language, etc.) and 295A (deliberate and malicious act intended to offend religious sentiment) of India’s Penal Code, Mishra said.

Strict action will be taken against statements that disturb religious harmony, the official warned.

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