Angelina Jolie’s emotional 2021 letter to Brad Pitt goes viral amid legal battle: ‘I see how you really wanted me out…’

As a legal battle between Hollywood stars Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt gets uglier, An emotional email from Angelina to Brad in January 2021 has resurfaced on TikTok. She begins the letter by mentioning that she is writing it “to avoid getting emotional” before explaining her decision to sell the Chateau Miraval winery, owned by Brad Pitt.

Angelina wrote: “It’s where we brought the twins (Knox and Vivienne) home to and where we got married because of a plaque in memory of my mother. A place that promised what could be and where I thought I would grow old. Even now, it’s impossible to write this without crying. I will cherish my memories of what it was a decade ago.”

She called it the place that marked the “end of her family” and a business centered around alcohol, referring to Brad Pitt’s battle with alcoholism. “I was hoping that somehow it could become something that would hold us together and find light and peace. I see now how badly you really wanted me out and I will most likely appreciate that email.”

Angelina mentioned seeing “a lot of reckless behavior” and excessive money and decisions where she wasn’t consulted. She mentioned that she was “hurt by decisions made that show no interest in sharing the business or fundamentally transforming it into something that would be healthier for our children.”

“I was shocked by the recent pictures that have been released to sell the alcohol. I find it irresponsible and not something I want to show the kids. It reminded me of painful times,” adding that she couldn’t be involved, publicly or privately, in any alcohol-based business when alcoholic behavior “has damaged our family so deeply.” She added that the business is beyond anything she would want to be a part of, “morally and for the good of the family.” She declared “two ways forward” and said she would fully support him “in an attempt to sell the company and get away from this tough and painful chapter in our lives.”

“The alternative is for you, the Perrin family or your associates to buy out my interest in the property and business outright,” she wrote. “In any case, I believe we need to move forward to heal and focus on where our family comes together and where we have positive associations. And fast.”

Angelina Jolie also referenced the 2016 plane incident in which she claimed Brad Pitt “pounced” on his own child and choked one of the children, prompting Angelina to file for divorce that same month. “I can’t put into words how upsetting it is for me to have to reach this point. Your dream of your relationship with business and alcohol is your own, and you’ve made it painfully clear. I wish you all the best in business and I really hope that as children grow older they will think differently about Miraval and visit you there. But Miraval died for me in September 2016, and unfortunately everything I’ve seen over the years bears this out.”

Earlier this year, Angelina Jolie sold the winery, prompting Brad Pitt to sue her. He mentioned that his ex-wife invested 40 percent of the $28.4 million purchase price, but claimed he was the reason for the winery’s success. He also cited the terms of the 2019 divorce, saying he and Angelina had a “mutual understanding” that neither of them could sell their portion of the winery without the other’s consent.

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