Are You Making These Common Hair Oiling Mistakes?

One of the most important steps of your own Hair Care Routine should oil their manes regularly to keep them nourished and healthy. But when oiling your hair, there are often certain doubts – when should you apply oil? How long should they keep it? Which oil is best for your hair? and other. So many end up making some often oil hair Mistakes that do more harm than good to your hair.

Ayurveda expert Dr. Aiswarya Santhosh took to Instagram to highlight some such hair oil habits that you should avoid completely. But before you look at them, try to understand your hair type and its needs, and then proceed to follow a tailored hair care routine that will help you solve all your hair problems. Just look

Leave hair oil on overnight/apply oil after shower

According to the expert, Leave hair oil on overnight and applying oil after a shower “can lead to stiff neck, neck pain, sinusitis, frequent runny noses, etc.”

Only apply oil to the length of your hair and not to the scalp and root

Ayurveda suggests applying oil to the skin scalp and then towards length. “One should focus more on the roots than the length,” she said.

Try every oil on the market for hair growth

“Try everything DIY oils or oils on the market can do more harm than good,” the expert said, urging people “not to try everything for the sake of hair growth.”

Using hot water to wash hair

It is not recommended wash your hair with hot water as it can damage your hair apart from affecting the health of your eyes.

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