Asha Joy’s Dismissal from Neha Chavda Senior Women’s T20 Trophy

Back in November 2019, Asha S Joy mentioned how much she admired Shane Warne’s bowling during an interview with Female Cricket. “I liked his style,” she had said.

Fast forward to the 2022 Senior Women’s T20 Trophy, in the Pondicherry-Saurashtra game, her sacking of Neha Chavda was one the late leg spinner would have been proud of.

In the 15th over of Pondicherry’s 115 defense, Asha bowled a leg spinner that hit outside of the leg stump before viciously flipping back to the right-hander and clipping the top of the stump. A first delivery that perhaps no batsman in the world could have managed. A dream delivery for every leg spinner. One that Warne bowled as the ball of the century after Gatting.

It wasn’t Asha’s only wicket that night as she finished bowling 3/7 in four overs and helped Pondicherry win the match by 25 runs.

While Pondicherry will face Baroda next, Saurashtra will take on West Bengal on Friday 14th October.

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