Ayushmann Khurrana says people are ‘undermining’ star status: ‘Being a star is harder than an actor’

actor Ayushman Khurrana is a real star who can open movies based on his name alone. After making her debut over a decade ago with the film Vicky Donor, Ayushmann has appeared in a number of successful films that focus on social issues.

In an interview, he joked that at some point he would never leave out any social issue and was grateful that there were so many taboo issues to be resolved in India. But he also admitted that as the face of the project, he’s at least partially responsible for making the film money. Ayushmann’s last two releases – Chandigarh Kare Aashiqui and Anec – failed to live up to the high standards he set himself, both critically and commercially.

He said, “Here’s the difference between an actor and a star… A lot of people undermine star status, they say they prefer ‘actors.’ But a star is an innate MBA, a star is an innate PR person and has many qualities that someone who is just an actor wouldn’t have. Being a star is harder than being an actor. Of course you’re very focused on your craft as an actor, but understanding the bigger picture of how a film works and that the film should be beneficial to the producers, that’s the big picture. You learn while you call.”

Ayushmann said that with his first film – Vicky Donor – he was impressed with the filmmaking process and found himself in a “honeymoon phase”. He said he was just happy to be there and have a starring role in a Bollywood film. But over time he got more and more involved in filmmaking and was able to offer suggestions on technical details. He said he can even influence the attitudes of crew members and co-stars.

Ayushmann will next be seen in the comedy Doctor G, which hits theaters on October 14th. The film stars are Rakul Preet Singh, Sheeba Chaddha and Shefali Shah.

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