Birth Certificate issuance meeting was held in Siaha

Siaha; the 28th June,2022: Birth Certificate issuance regarding Myanmar Refugees was discussed with concern officials at Pu Donny Lalruatsanga, Addl.DC office chamber today at 11:00Am.

Siaha district is the largest district in Mizoram with Myanmar refugees. The Executive Magistrate said that some refugees have applied for delay birth certificates for themselves or their children.

Birth Certificate is issued by the Registrar of Birth and Death (RBD) within 21 days of the birth of the child. DRO can issue it without fee within 1 year of birth. After one year, an application for a Delay Birth Certificate can be submitted to the Executive Magistrate, who refers it to the DRO.

Delay Birth Certificate application forms are required to submit EPIC of parents, VC, Church and NGO certificates , VC and NGOs’ recognition.
Myanmar refugees whose parents are Indian citizens and EPIC holders are recognized as Indian citizens by churches, VCs and NGOs This will have a huge impact on the district in the future. Therefore, the meeting requested the DRO office to issue the Birth Certificate carefully. The Birth Certificate was issued incorrectly and was arrested The meeting also requested the Registrar, VC, Church and NGOs to be punished according to the law.

Birth Certificate holders are citizens of India and can be included in the Electoral Roll.

The Executive Magistrate will also issue notices to VCs, Churches and NGOs. DRO offices will also issue reminders to DRBs in each veng/village to be careful in issuing Birth Certificates.

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