BJP, AAP, Cong prepare for MCD polls; Nadda speaks at the Mega Rally at the Ramleela Ground on Sunday

Political activity in Delhi has started ahead of Municipal Delhi Corporation (MCD) elections, expected to be held later this year, where BJP leader JP Nadda will address a mega-rally at the Ramleela Ground on Sunday. The AAP and Congress have also increased their survey-related activities. A committee formed to delineate boroughs is expected to complete the exercise by the end of this month, after which the Union Home Office will issue a notice for elections to 250 boroughs in the MCD, officials said.

More than a thousand people will attend the Panch Parmeshwar Rally hosted by the Delhi BJP at the Ramleela Ground on October 16, party leaders said. AAP’s MCD poll head Durgesh Pathak said 3,000 teams of party volunteers have been conducting door-to-door public outreach programs and raising awareness among people against the rampant mismanagement and mismanagement of trash in the citizenry under the BJP rule sharpened. The MCD polls were scheduled for April. However, after the center’s decision to unite three former municipal bodies in the MDC, the election dates were not announced by the Delhi State Electoral Commission. The elections are now expected to take place in December.

The BJP has already lowered its leaders and workers to the booth level to reach out to voters ahead of the elections. The party has delegated senior leaders as “Vistaraks” to work with stand-level workers in all 70 constituencies of the assembly, said Aditya Jha, vice-president of the BJP in Delhi. At a recent meeting of former councilors and party candidates in general elections, she was asked to take action and help locals solve their problems and address their problems, Jha said.

“All workers in over 13,000 voting booths will take part in the Panch Parmeswar SAM, as will party officials. National President JP Nadda will encourage workers to ensure the party’s victory in the MCD polls by exposing the corruption of the Kejriwal government,” he added. The Delhi Congress has started preparations for the elections and appointed district-level coordinators to provide feedback on candidate selection, party leaders said.

Party leader Anil Kumar and other leaders of the Congress in Delhi have held frequent meetings to take stock of the preparations. “Preparations are already in full swing. We want the MCD elections to be held as quickly as possible and without further delay,” Kumar said.

The AAP began preparations for the MCD polls and last month launched a month-long anti-litter campaign to highlight the BJP’s failure to maintain cleanliness in the state capital. So far, over 20,000 households have been contacted, Pathak said, adding that the party’s door-to-door campaign will continue to cover 50,000 households in the city.

“The feedback we have received so far is that people in Delhi are extremely angry with the BJP. They want freedom from the BJP and its garbage, he said. The AAP will make Delhi the cleanest city and streamline the functioning of the MCD after he took over after a “landslide” victory, he said.

Work on redrawing the boundaries of the municipal districts in Delhi is nearing completion as the demarcation panel is ready to submit its final report to the center within the next 10 days, officials said. Upon submission of the final demarcation report, the Ministry of Interior (MHA) will issue a notification and the demarcation of urban districts in Delhi will be completed, they added.

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