Brad Pitt Opens Up About Dealing With Life After Angelina Jolie’s Split: ‘Out Of That Misery Came A Flame Of Joy’

Hollywood star Brad Pitt has opened up about coping with life after a messy split from ex-wife Angelina Jolie. According to Fox News, the 58-year-old actor opened up about how his friendship with singer Nick Cave and sculptor Thomas Houseago blossomed after announcing their divorce. While Houseago was added to the trio in 2016 after Pitt met him at a New Year’s Eve party, he met Cave on the set of Johnny Suede in 1991.

Fox News reported that in an interview with the Financial Times, Pitt said of his friendship with Houseago: “Our shared misery became comical. And out of that misery, a flame of joy came into my life. I always wanted to be a sculptor; I’ve always wanted to try that.”

At the time, Jolie had just filed for divorce from Pitt after a heated argument while traveling on a private plane. The fight led to her accusing Pitt of abuse. During this time, according to Fox News, he spent a lot of time in Houseago’s studio and used it to work on his artistic skills.

“It’s about self-reflection. I looked at my own life and really focused on owning my own: where have I been involved in failures in my relationships, where have I made a mistake,” Pitt told the outlet of his sculptures and art. The actor also spoke about learning to be who you are and making friends that you feel “safe.”

“As I get older, I find so much comfort in friendships where one can be [completely yourself]and I want that to extend to the outside world,” he said.

Pitt is currently embroiled in a court battle with Jolie, in which the latter recently accused the actor of choking one of her children to death. Although they finalized their divorce in 2019, the two remain locked in a custody battle over their French winery, Chateau Miraval, according to Fox News.

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