Call Center for Veterinary Services

Aizawl, June 24, 2022 : AH&Vety Secretary Pi Lalzarmawii today inaugurated the 1962 Call Centre. The opening ceremony was held at AH&Vety Council Conference Hall. The Call Center is designed to enable anyone who needs to contact Veterinary Doctors.

The Call Center has six employees – one Call Center Executive (Veterinary Doctor), 1 IT Support staff, and 4 Call Center Agents (VFAs). Their salaries shall be paid by the Government of India. The toll free number +913892314226 is available at the Call Centre. This number will be made available to all telephone service providers (TSPs) using the animals in distress short code Toll Free numbers can be dialed by dialing 1962 without dialing the call centre. Call incoming calls to the Call Center will be answered by the call center staff.

The Call Center doctors and VFAs will receive the problems of the farmers and resolve the problems immediately. If a specialist is needed, the call will be forwarded to the specialist. The Call Center will work with MVUs in each Development Block. MVU staff will notify the nearest MVU of the need to travel.

The AH&Vety Department has received Rs.47,66,000 for the establishment of a Call Center under the National Animal Disease Control Program (NADCP). ICT Department signed an MoU with Mizoram E-Governance Society. Mizoram E-Governance Society is responsible for designing the call center architecture, equipment and software procurement, installation and staff training.

Call incoming calls will be recorded. Call follow-up will be recorded. The call center will work to bring Veterinary Services to the doorsteps of livestock owners and breeders. This is expected to narrow the Veterinary Service supply demand gap.

The program was chaired by AH&Vety Director Dr.Lalremliana. Addl. Director Dr.Lalhmingthanga presented the report. Jt.Director Dr Lalrinawma Khiangte introduced the programme.

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