Congress leaders rejoice after online bullying forced Shubham Gaur and Saurabh Dwivedi to apologize for comments made against Rahul Gandhi

While Congressional leaders and supporters have a habit of getting on the moral high horse and preaching to others about the virtues of “tolerance” and “dissidentism,” they don’t necessarily commit to practicing what they preach, how Recently, a number of congressional supporters took to social media to harass YouTuber Shubham Gaur and Lallantop “journalist” Saurabh Dwivedi for their critical remarks on Rahul Gandhi and the Congress party.

Congress supporters and sympathizers recently took to social media to attack YouTuber Shubham Gaur and Lallantop “journalist” Saurabh Dwivedi after their earlier remarks mocking the Congress party and Rahul Gandhi went viral on the internet. As a result, both Gaur and Dwivedi were forced to apologize for speaking their minds, prompting congressional leaders to rejoice on Twitter with apologies they appeared to have received using online bullying and targeted harassment.

Congress leaders and supporters urge Shubham Gaur and Saurabh Dwivedi to apologize for their earlier statements and welcome their apologies

Congressional staffers and leaders have gotten YouTuber Shubham Gaur to apologize for his jokes about Rahul Gandhi. A video of his apology went viral on social media on October 15, 2022.

In this video, Shubham Gaur said, “Hello friends! I recently had a casual chat with the host of a podcast show. A clip from this chat was edited and shared on social media. Because it was a casual conversation, I didn’t follow any barriers while using my words. So I crossed the barriers. I am neither for a political party nor against a political party. So I realize that the words I used for Mr Rahul Gandhi in this discussion were not appropriate and I regret that. I assure his supporters who are distressed by this that I will not use this language for him in the future will use. Many Thanks.”

Shubham Gaur shared a scroll from his Instagram account on October 14, 2022. The reel contained the edited video clip of his podcast show in which he cracked some jokes about Rahul Gandhi during a casual chat with the show’s host. Congress leaders and workers reported the post and commented in large numbers, apologizing to the YouTuber.

When Shubham Gaur expressed regret, congressional staffers flagged his video to affirm their “moral victory.” Congressman Surj Thakur tweeted: “Shubham Gaur’s apology is here. I support your art and hope it reaches new heights, but let this be a message to all these artists – things like this against my leader will not be tolerated. Do not cross any borders with us and bear no consequences. Many congratulations in advance for your wedding.”

Similarly, Lallantop “journalist” Saurabh Dwivedi has had to apologize after being relentlessly attacked on Twitter by Congress supporters and Rahul Gandhi admirers for his past tweets mocking the grand ol’ party and the Gandhi scion .

After Dwivedi apologized for his earlier tweets and remarks, Nitin Agarwal, the national coordinator of the congressional social media cell, tweeted Dwivedi and Gaur’s apology videos.

In this video, Saurabh Dwivedi says, “How to express an apology or regret? In the last 72 hours, screenshots of my old tweets from 2012, 2013, 2015, 2016, and 2017 have been going viral on social media, especially Twitter. I used the same language as these trolls. So what if I used that language for Rahul Gandhi at a time when The Lallantop wasn’t even launched? That’s what I thought at the time. Should I say it was wrong? At some points it was just a joke, but at some points it pushed the boundaries of parliamentary language.”

The Congress online trolls not only harassed Shubham Gaur and Lallantop “journalist” Saurabh Dwivedi for their views on Rahul Gandhi and Congress, but they also took great delight in their apologies, which reflected a smug pride in attacking the dissenters and forcing her to apologize for her remarks.

This comes as Rahul Gandhi continues to speak eloquently about how his party has “tolerance” for dissenting and contrary viewpoints, even as party trolls and leaders rush out to attack those who dare to oppose their views and refusing to subscribe to Congressional ideology.

Congress threatens action on scoopwhoop over old memes about Rahul Gandhi

The Congress Party has often argued that the BJP is hellbent on undermining the fourth pillar of democracy. Party officials, notably Rahul Gandhi, have regularly denounced the lack of press freedom in Modi’s era. Last year, the dynasty-led party practically cried hoarsely over India’s descent in the press freedom rankings.

However, it is no secret that from the days of Jawaharlal Nehru to the current Sonia Gandhi era, the Congress Party has been extremely intolerant of accepting criticism from the press. The Nehru Gandhi dynasty left no room for dissent and cracked down on the press whenever it pointed a finger at its misdeeds. One of the most recent examples was how the entire congressional ecosystem went after Arnab Goswami with hundreds of FIRs and a concocted TRP scam simply because he called Sonia Gandhi by her maiden name.

Another example of this hypocrisy recently emerged when some congress leaders took to the microblogging site Twitter to threaten Delhi-based digital media company ScoopWhoop with legal action over some old Rahul Gandhi memes.

In April 2015, ScoopWhoop published an article titled, These Rahul Gandhi Memes Will Tell You Why He Needs Special Treatment, which featured some funny memes about the Congress leaders were shared. However, it is surprising that it took congressional leaders and their supporters just over seven years to respond to the memes shared by the digital platform. Several convention leaders and their online supporters rushed to harass Scoopwhoop and threaten to remove the article.

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