Delhi police arrest Gujarat AAP chief Gopal Italia from NCW office

On October 13, Gopal Italia, leader of the Aam Aadmi Party in Gujarat, was arrested by Delhi police at the National Women’s Commission (NCW) office in the national capital. The commission had subpoenaed Italia in connection with the video in which he was seen using derogatory language against Prime Minister Narendra Modi. AAP workers had protested outside the NCW offices today after the women’s association summoned him, where Italia was also present.

In a statement, Delhi Police said they had received a complaint against him from NCW. He was taken away by the police for questioning about the matter. Police said: “We have received a complaint from NCW against him and are taking him for questioning.

Speaking to ANI news agency, NCW boss Rekha Sharma said: “He [Gopal Italia] refused a subpoena, but his response is ready. He also denied his presence in the video, but in his reply he accepts the tweet. He claimed it wasn’t him in the video.”

She further added that Italia’s written statement and its statement at the Commission did not match. In addition, Italia’s supporters attempted to enter the NCW office by force. She said: “He didn’t give a correct answer. I also told the police that action should be taken against him because he created an atmosphere to affect the law and order situation. His supporters tried to force their way into the NCW office.”

Sharma said there were 100 to 150 AAP employees outside the office who threatened her. She had to stay in the office and missed important meetings that were scheduled for the day. She said: “I had an important meeting at 2 p.m. which is now delayed because I couldn’t go outside. If 100-150 people come and threaten me, what kind of leader are they? He should come to the NCW office and just answer a few questions. Why did he have to lie and bring so many lawyers?”

AAP circulates fake image of Gopal Italia in prison

After Gopal Italia was arrested by Delhi police, AAP leaders led circulates a photo showing the Gujarat AAP leader standing behind the iron bars of a police jail. It was alleged that Italia was taken to a police prison after his arrest.

But AAP leaders used an old photo to make the claim. In the images from the NCW office, Italia can clearly be seen wearing a sleeveless jacket over a white shirt, but in the photo shared by AAP executives he is wearing a plaid shirt. So it’s an old photo.

Delhi police have also refuted AAP’s claims, saying that Italia was only arrested for interrogation and that AAP leaders are distributing old photos. Delhi Police sources also said that the prison seen in the photo is not owned by Delhi Police. The police can take note of the fake news spread by AAP executives and take appropriate action.

“I am the descendant of Sardar Patel,” claims Italia

Before he was arrested by police, Italia claimed in a tweet that he was a descendant of Sardar Patel and that he was not afraid of “BJP’s tactics”. He wrote: “The NCW boss is threatening to put me in jail. What can the Modi government give the Patel community besides jail? BJP hates Patidar society. I am a descendant of Sardar Patel. I am not afraid of your prisons. take me to jail She called the police. They threaten me.” In particular, Deputy CM of Delhi Manish Sisodia had claimed before Italia to be a descendant of Maharana Pratap.

Kejriwal, chief of Delhi CM and AAP, quoted Italia and wrote: “Why is the whole BJP behind Gopal Italia?”

AAP employees cause a riot outside the NCW office

A group of workers from the Aam Aadmi Party caused a riot outside the National Commission for Women (NCW) office in Delhi. Party workers gathered outside the NCW office after the NCW served a notice to Gujarat AAP chief Gopal Italia for his indecent remarks against PM Modi and women.

Gopal Italia was arrested for his comments against Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in which he referred to the Prime Minister as “Neech”. Now his other video has gone viral, in which he describes the temples and Dharmic gatherings of Hindus like Kathas as centers of exploitation of women. AAP staffers have decided to back the abusive leader even after the NCW called those comments misogynist and sexist and urged him to clarify.

Gopal Italia, leader of the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) in Gujarat, has received a subpoena from the National Commission for Women for using a derogatory term for the prime minister, which is equally offensive to women. The NCW has claimed in its statement that Italy’s offensive language is sexist, anti-women and repugnant.

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