Champhai, June 13, 2022: The first meeting of the District Level Narco Coordination Center (NCORD) Committee, Champhai District was held today at 11:00 am at DC Conference Hall.

Pu James Lalrinchhana said that drugs and other drugs are being sold every day. He said that drugs and related issues should be prevented and cooperated in the fight against them. District is located near the international boundary and we need to work harder. He said that the first meeting was the beginning of the meeting and he hoped that it would progress under good cooperation. He said that drugs and related issues are slowly destroying the country and nation.

Member Convener Pu Lalrinpuia Varte, SP Champhai welcomed the participants and said that NCORD is a new initiative for the District. Champhai District Police seized 4 kg and 300 grams (4,300 kg) of heroin in 2018 while 6 kg of heroin was seized in the first half of 2022, he said . . . . Drug supply is increasing and action should be taken seriously, he said.

District Level Narco Coordination Center (NCORD) Committee procedures and provisions were discussed at the meeting. Hetiang a nih avang hian a siam rem a ni. Drugs awareness campaign conducted in community, church and schools through Line Departments was heard. Inclusive education for students, youth, parents and older peers. YMA branches, schools and churches should be requested to conduct special education programs and cooperate with Nasha Mukh Bharat Abhiyan. Drug trafficking reduction and punishment for those arrested in connection with drug trafficking were also discussed. Drugs and other drugs prevalence in neighborhoods and villages should be addressed first.

Champhai District Police, Excise & Narcotics Department Champhai and Custom Preventive Force, Champhai’s efforts to seize drugs during the year, case registration under the ND&PS Act were explained by Addl. SP Pu C.Lalengliana’s report was heard. From the beginning of 2022 to June 13, 2022, 78 cases were registered under the ND&PS Act and 88 people were arrested, of whom 11 were foreigners. Heroin gram 12,260.500 seized with domestic market value of cheng nuai 282.90 and international market value of cheng nuai 90,000 mums of meth worth cheng nuai 180 and 534,500 kg of ganja worth cheng nuai 16.03 were seized.

Champhai District Police have seized 6,381 grams of heroin and 10,000 mums of meth under the ND&PS Act till June 13 this year. Excise & Narcotic Department Champhai seized 5,128,300 grams of heroin, 80,000 mums of meth and 534,500 kg of ganja till June 13 today they. Custom Preventive Force, Champhai seized 751,200 grams of heroin.

There are 6 Drugs De-addiction & Rehabilitation Centers in Champhai with 284 males and 36 females, a total of Monitoring of these treatment centers through NCORD was discussed. NCORD activities should be covered to the public and drug and related education should be organized in collaboration with other agencies.

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