DK Wanted To Go To Go To Go To Go To Loo: Robin Uthappa shares a hilarious story from Yuvraj Singh’s 6 Sixes Vs Stuart Broad in the 2007 WT20

The moment Yuvraj Singh scored Stuart Broad with six sixes in the ICC 2007 World T20, he wrote a chapter in Indian cricket history that will be remembered for decades to come. The costs of the altercation between Yuvraj and Andrew Flintoff were borne by Broad but it seems Dinesh Karthik had to endure an awkward moment in this case as well. In a video shared by star sport, Robin Uthappa spoke about the 6 sixes Yuvraj hit against Broad as India locked horns against England. Yuvraj came on after Uthappa was sent off. Although Uthappa didn’t see Flintoff play with Yuvi on the field, having gone inside to change, upon his return he knew the southpaw was out to do something special.

Uthappa shared a rather hilarious story, revealing that the players even stopped Dinesh Karthik from going to the bathroom while Yuvraj was in the process of hammering 6 sixes to broad.

“I got out, went into the dressing room, took off my pads and came downstairs. But when I arrived, the altercation had already happened. But I knew from Yuvi’s body language that he was pumped up,” Uthappa captioned the video.


“Pehla chhakkka dekhke laga, paaji gusse me hai (When I saw the first six I thought he was angry). When he met the second, we thought he might be up to something here. After the third six, everyone was like, ‘Just sit down, wherever you are.’ He thought it was DK or someone else, he wanted to go to the bathroom. We just said, ‘Nobody’s moving.

“I remember we were all so excited. When he met the fifth, we knew the sixth was coming. All we knew was that we had to sit down. And that’s exactly what happened. We celebrated the sixth and sat down again,” said Uthappa.

The 2007 World T20 was the first and only occasion where India became world champions in the shortest format. Rohit Sharma’s troops will be determined to repeat the feat this time in Australia.

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