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Apple’s iPhone 14 Pro series may not be the most expensive smartphone to launch this year. However, starting at Rs 1.29 lakhs, it is still quite expensive for most people. That being said, there are some who feel that the iPhone 14 Pro just isn’t expensive enough, that it’s not exclusive enough.

Do you think iPhone 14 Pro at Rs 1.3 lakhs is too cheap_ how about iPhone 14 Pro costing Rs 1.1 crore_

Caviar has launched its version of the iPhone 14 Pro. The most expensive version starts at Rs 1.1 crore and is limited to just 3 pieces. Photo credit: caviar

Caviar, the international luxury brand, has launched their version of the latest iPhone 14 Pro series, and seriously, they’re as wild as it gets. Caviar has historically taken some of the most expensive flagships and increased their exclusivity factor all the way up to 11, using some fairly rare and expensive materials known to mankind.

A few years ago, they launched an iPhone 13 that had a piece of a meteorite embedded in it.

This year, the most expensive iPhone they’ve made is called the Caviar iPhone 14 Pro Daytona. The watch actually features a Rolex Cosmograph Daytona in gold and 8 diamonds. The iPhone Daytona also uses other 18k gold appliqués and costs about US$133,670 or about Rs.1.10 billion.

The device itself is a basic iPhone 14 Pro with 128 onboard storage. Potential customers can upgrade to a higher memory variant for a few thousand dollars more. Potential customers can also opt for the iPhone 14 Pro Max and all of its storage variants if they feel like spending a few thousand dollars more.

The iPhone 14 Caviar Daytona will have a limited edition of just 3 watches. What is surprising is the fact that Caviar actually went for a watch that is extremely difficult to find in the retail market. The Rolex Cosmograph Daytona retails for at least Rs 30 lakhs, even if you opt for some of the more basic configurations. However, given how the luxury watch market has evolved in recent years, especially Rolex, you can’t just buy one even if you have the money.

As for the “cheapest” iPhone 14 Pro that Caviar has launched, we have the Sangria Butterfly iPhone 14. This particular variant of the iPhone costs around $6820, or Rs.5.67. It is made from lightweight titanium, has a row of rubies and smaller kart diamonds and is hand polished.

Think iPhone 14 Pro at Rs 1.3 lakhs is too cheap_ How about iPhone 14 Pro costing Rs 1.1 crore_ (1)

The “cheapest” Caviar iPhone 14 costs around Rs 5.6 lakhs, has some rubies and around 28 small natural diamonds. Photo credit: caviar

The “cheaper” luxury iPhone is limited to just 99 pieces and, like the iPhone Daytona, starts with the 128GB variant, with variants with more storage costing a few hundred dollars extra.

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