“Don’t worry about Glenn Maxwell’s punches. He just needs a free mind to play his game’: Josh Hazlewood

Glenn Maxwell hasn’t hit double digits in his last six T20Is. He’s also only won three wickets this year, albeit with an impressive save rate of 7.35. Australia worried about batting form? Not really, as his teammates like Josh Hazlewood attest.

“He’s only that close to winning a game for us from his own racquet or the ball or on the field. So he’s an important part of our team and adds that balance beautifully. “I’ve played a lot with Glenn lately, particularly with RCB (Royal Challengers Bangalore) and of course with the Australian team, but he excels in all three aspects of the game.”

The best thing for Australia, one of the favorites to win the T20 World Championship, is that Maxwell can breathe easy in the middle order and do his thing. He does not have to carry the team alone. There’s Stoinis, Tim David and Matthew Wade for more clout. Also, Mitchell Marsh has obtained a license to play third pitch attacking cricket.

“Having that depth of batters helps, I think; Maxwell can just go out there and play his game, whether it’s in the first six overs or outside of that against Spin where he’s particularly destructive,” Hazlewood said.

He urged that it would be best for Maxwell to stick to his natural instincts and not really focus on who else on the team is there for big hits.

“You don’t want him to deviate from his natural instincts either. “He’s the kind of player who just reacts to what’s coming and plays his game and that’s the only thing you want from Glenn all the time. So I think he just needs a free mindset and playing his game.”

Marsh has yet to return to bowling in one match as he recovers from an ankle injury. Stoinis, who has had good ball since returning from a strain, has scored 3:34 and 1:36 in the two games against England.

“Our three all-rounders that are on the team create a great balance once Mitch bowls again and whoever runs well on the night or whatever the conditions dictate will work, they’ve got it covered for sure,” said Hazlewood .
“I think we’re probably ready to go (for the World Cup) and we’re now only on hold for two more games before we start, that’s how it feels in camp.”

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