Dulquer Salmaan presents the crown jewel of his car collection: “I’ve had nightmares…”. watch

Both Mammootty and son Dulquer Salmaan are petrolheads and love their cars. Their garages are filled with luxurious cars that are often featured on Instagram feeds. Now, Dulquer has brought his fans one step closer to his enviable car collection when he shared a video of his “crown jewel,” a car so precious to him that the thought of it being scratched gives him nightmares.

In a new video he shared on Instagram, Dulquer wrote: “I’ve wanted to try this for a long time. But as usual I think too much and don’t like to come off as rude and insensitive. But I realize there are millions of enthusiasts out there like me. And this is a way for me to share and engage with them.

I’m sharing a few gems I’ve collected over the years. Starting with my ’02 BMW M3. This is the E46, which was the top BMW for me. I hope you enjoy these vignettes. #editiondQ #carguyscarguy #youngtimer #collector #savingthemanuals #e46 #BMW #M3 #S54 #6MT #BBS #Eisenmann #KW #Recaro #crownjewel.”

Dulquer explained in the video that he thinks the 02nd BMW M3 is the best of all and is a big fan of the E46 shape. “I’m really protective of this car. I’m afraid to scratch it. I have real nightmares about it being stolen, destroyed… and waking up in a sweat,” he says. He explains that some modifications have been made to the car.

Dulquer also reportedly owns a Ferrari 458 Spider, a BMW X6 M, a Porsche Panamera Turbo, a Mercedes – AMG G63 and a Volkswagen Polo GTI. He also loves his bikes and owns a few enviable ones.

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