Flipkart launches “Flipverse”, a new virtual shopping experience in Metaverse for Diwali sale

Flipkart is launching a special virtual shopping experience called “Flipverse” as part of its Diwali sale. The pilot experience will be live on the company’s Android app from today through the end of the week, October 23. The Metaverse-style experience allows users to interact with select brands in a 3D-style virtual environment. Flipkart partners with companies like eDAO – an organization founded by Polygon that creates and markets global art – and GuardianLink – a brand known for launching celebrity and brand-driven NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens). Flipverse will be available in the FireDrops section of the Flipkart Android app.

“The future growth of e-commerce will be influenced by today’s immersive technologies, and Metaverse is one of the major revolutions in this space with immense potential. The launch of Flipverse will continue to impact innovative industries such as e-commerce and improve customer experience while providing a gamified and immersive shopping experience, especially given the launch of the Metaverse and Web3 platforms by multiple brands in India.” Naren Ravula, VP and Head, Product Strategy and Deployment, Flipkart Labs said in a press release.

What is Flipverse?

According to the company, Flipverse works on any mobile phone, regardless of the specs. The company stated that the virtual 3D experience is rendered and streamed via the cloud and that accessing it does not cause the device to heat up.

“This is a 3D-enabled virtual environment with super high fidelity. We’ve worked with partners like eDAO to enable this on the server and then stream it to the app, so you get very high fidelity regardless of the quality of your phone,” said Sai Krishna VK, Chief Innovation Architect at Flipkart Labs , during the press conference.

According to Flipkart, this experience – which is a pilot project – will allow users to create their own avatars and interact with select brands that are part of the “Flipverse.” It’s not clear what technology Flipkart is using to power these “avatars”. The brands that set up their own virtual experiences in this virtual world will offer their own rewards – including digital collectibles – for participating users. The idea is to reward users for interacting in this new virtual space. The rewards could also be converted into physical goods, depending on the brand.

Flipkart partners with more than 15 brands for the Flipverse experience. Some of the brands on the list are Puma, Noise, Nivea, Lavie, Tokyo Talkies, Campus, VIP, Ajmal Perfumes, Himalaya, Butterfly India etc. will participate in this edition.

According to Flipkart, the idea with Flipverse is to allow users to shop in a more 3D-like experience and also measure consumer response to it. It’s not clear yet if “Flipverse” will be a permanent feature in the app.

The experience is powered by the Polygon blockchain. Users cannot connect their other crypto wallets to it for now. For now, it looks like Flipkart’s main goal with the “Flipverse” is to measure user engagement with this new “gamified” experience.

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