Google introduces map and search widgets for iOS 16 lock screen

Tech giant Google has completed the rollout of iOS 16 lock screen widgets with the Maps and Search update.

The company announced that it would update six lock screen widgets on iOS 16 launch day, four of which widgets were recently updated.

Google Maps update 6.40 adds two iOS 16 lock screen widgets – Frequent Trips and Search, reports 9To5Google.

“Frequent trips” provide driving directions and estimated time of arrival for frequent trips. The Search option, on the other hand, helps locate restaurants, gas stations, and more.

The updated search adds 4 new widgets to iOS 16 – search, voice search, lens and lens shortcuts, the report said.

“Search” gives access to Google search from the lock screen, while “Voice Search” lets you ask a question, hum a song or search for content with your voice.

“Lens” helps to search with the camera or any image. Meanwhile, “Lens Shortcuts” provide easy access to any lens.

Recently, the company rolled out “Passkey” support for both Android and Chrome to improve security.

Passkeys are a more secure alternative to passwords and other phishable forms of authentication.

“They cannot be reused, do not leak on server breaches, and protect users from phishing attacks,” the company said in a recent blog post.

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