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If you were a tech fan and loved Joe Rogan’s podcasts, you probably wondered what a podcast between Joe Rogan and legendary tech icon Steve Jobs would have looked like. Well, a Dubai-based tech company came up with a pretty cool answer to that exact question.

The Dubai-based tech company used AI to interview a fake Joe Rogan about a fake Steve Jobs

A Dubai-based AI-based speech synthesis company called has developed a one-off fictional podcast between Joe Rogan and Steve Jobs. The digitally created podcast uses realistic voices digitally cloned by both men from public domain videos and other sources with sound. The Jobs and Rogan podcast was the first episode of a new podcast series called “” created by, which sells speech synthesis services.

In the interview, you will first hear a replication of Rogan’s voice, created using voice cloning technology. Deep learning technology has enabled AI models to replicate distinctive voices with a high degree of accuracy, as in the case of Darth Vader in the Disney television series Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Cloning Rogan’s voice was the easy part – after all, Rogan regularly publishes a new podcast there, and there are plenty of language examples for the systems to learn from. However, cloning Steve Jobs’ voice was quite difficult. His voice was generated from Apple Keynotes and All Things Digital interviews from the late 2000s. Because the source of the files that trained the AI ​​model was old and not particularly high quality, The voice of Steve Jobs was a bit robotic and choppy at times.

Regarding the generation of what these two characters would say during the interview, claims that the text of the interview was also generated by AI, possibly by a large language model similar to GPT-3.

“Transcripts are created using finely tuned language models,” writes on “For example, the Steve Jobs episode was trained on his biography and we were able to find all of his footage online that way the AI might just bring him back to life.”

In the video, Jobs can therefore only be heard on issues that have come to be known as his core themes – aesthetics, revolutionary products, competitors like Google, Microsoft and Adobe and the victories of the original Macintosh.

Dubai-based tech company used AI to do a fake Joe Rogan interview with a fake Steve Jobs (2)

It will be interesting to see if there is any litigation over this. As an experiment, Rogan would certainly appreciate the fact that his voice was created digitally, but we’re pretty sure he wouldn’t appreciate the fact that his voice was used to promote a product or service, especially since he did is not paid. On the other hand, Jobs’ image is very valuable to Apple, a company notoriously litigious to anyone using Jobs’ image without permission.

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