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YouTube has allowed users to share small clips with each other. Now users can clip and broadcast fixed sections of a video with YouTube Clip. The feature allows users to send only part of the video that they want to share. The recipient will only receive the selected footage and the clip’s progress bar will extend to the end of the portion sent. The recipient can watch the full video later. This feature contains clips ranging in length from 5 to 60 seconds. The video loops from the playback side of the original footage.

YouTube clips_ How to create and share short videos using this feature

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Steps to create and share YouTube clips:
― You need a YouTube account to access the feature. Sign in to your account.
― Select a video that you want to watch.
― Click the scissors icon under the footage. If you don’t see this, it means the video isn’t eligible for the feature.
― The Create clip option is displayed.
― Use the slider to select the section of the clip you want to send.
― Give it a title (maximum 140 characters).
― Click on Split clip.
― You can either email the footage, share it on your social networks, embed it on your website, or just copy and paste the link anywhere.

Anyone with access to the link can view the YouTube clip you shared. If the original video is deleted or made private, the clip will not be available. If the footage isn’t listed on YouTube, the clip is still available.

YouTube also gives creators the ability to prevent others from making and distributing clips of their videos. The process for this is as follows:

― Sign in to YouTube and go to
― Go to Settings and click Channel.
― Select “Advanced settings” and uncheck “Allow viewers to trim my content” in the “Clips” section.

Clips cannot be created from videos shorter than 2 minutes, news channel videos, live streams longer than 8 hours, premieres while still live, and live streams without a DVR.

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