I see that India has a new team after this World Cup: Ravi Shastri

Former coach Ravi Shastri said India could have a “new team” after this World Cup, hinting that this could be the last time Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma will represent India in T20Is to ease their workload ahead of the 50-over -World reduce cup next year.

Speaking at the Mumbai Press Club on Wednesday, Shastri said: “Come what may, I see India have a new team after this World Cup, similar to the 2007 team – there was no Tendulkar, Dravid and Ganguly. Dhoni took out the side and won the tournament. The same can happen. It’s not that they aren’t good enough, but you want them for the other two formats, there’s a World Cup coming up next year, so you don’t want to burden those players.”

Shastri also said India needed to “pick up” their field and “work hard” to improve that aspect of the game during the T20 World Cup. He cited the example of Sri Lanka, which he said “won a tight game against Pakistan riding on field strength”.

ind sat India under Rohit Sharma have arrived Down Under for the T20 World Cup. (AP Photo/Mahesh Kumar A.)

“One area that India needs to take up and start from the beginning is fieldwork. They have to work hard and do their best when they face Pakistan,” said Shastri. “Those 15-20 runs you save can make all the difference because otherwise you have to do 15-20 extra runs every time you fold to bat. They perform like crazy for teams like Australia, England, South Africa. Check out what Sri Lanka did to Fielding at the Asian Cup. They won a tight game against Pakistan riding the field.

The drop in set pieces is “worrying,” Shastri said, adding that fielders are partly to blame for the opponent being able to score more than 200 runs.

He said: “The emphasis on fitness is becoming very critical. In my day we had the yo-yo test. Lots of people laughed at that. The test was never used for selection, but to sensitize the players. It made a huge difference not only in the way they played but also in the way they moved on the field. What’s worrying (now) is the frequency with which you’ve conceded 200+ runs to the competition over the past few months. People will blame bowling, but so does fielding.”

The T20 World Championship begins on October 16th. However, India will open its campaign against Pakistan on October 23.

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