“India is paying the price to this day,” Rijiju slams Congress for defending Nehru’s “mistakes” in Kashmir

Justice Minister Kiren Rijiju on Thursday said India was paying the price for the “mistakes” committed by the country’s first prime minister, Jawaharlal Nehru, in Kashmir and criticized Congress for its defence. His comments came after Congress launched attacks on Rijiju over his article “Five Nehruvian Blunders on Kashmir.”

Speak with CNN News18, the Attorney General said that Congress had been promoting a false narrative about Kashmir over the years. “I don’t want to go into what Jairam Ramesh said… I’m speaking with facts. Corrective action will be taken by our PM to reverse the error committed. The country shouldn’t go along with false narratives that Congress has propagated over the years… I have all the facts. Although all of J&K is part of India, part of it is part of Pakistan. How can we remain silent on this subject? This fact cannot be ignored,” the justice minister said when asked about Congress leader Jairam Ramesh’s claim that Nehru was not alone in his decisions on Kashmir.

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Ramesh said in a tweet on Oct. 13: “Maharaja Hari Singh was reluctant to join. There were dreams of independence. But when Pakistan invaded, Hari Singh joined India. Sheikh Abdullah advocated accession to India solely because of his friendship with and admiration for Nehru and his respect for Gandhi. Sardar Patel was OK with J&K joining Pakistan until September 13, 1947 when the Nawab of Junagadh joined Pakistan.”

Rijiju declined to comment on claims about Sardar Patel. He also said he did not want to get into any debate with congressional leaders, who slammed him.

Another congress leader, Pawan Khera, on Thursday called Rijiju the “greatest student of WhatsApp University” for his comments on Nehru and Kashmir.

“Rijiju seems to be the smartest student in BJP WhatsApp University. Without facts or truth he spreads such mistakes. If needed, Congress will provide history books to the BJP so they know what the real story is. Only in the last 8 years has the situation in Kashmir deteriorated,” Khera said CNN News18.

Rijiju replied that he had written about Nehru’s “mistakes” using documents from Parliament. “Congress is trying to defend Nehru ji for his mistakes. Whatever I said is to throw the record right in front of the nation to acknowledge Nehru ji’s mistakes. That fact is in the record. The documents I have quoted come from Parliament. Nehru himself has stated that Maharaj was approaching to join India. India has had to pay a heavy price for the mistakes committed by Nehru until we have to pay the price today,” he said.

The Minister, in his column for www.news18.comsaid that over the past seven decades, a historic lie has been peddled that Kashmir was also among the princely states causing problems and Maharaja Hari Singh, then ruler of the state, dawdled to join India.

“As documents now show, it was Nehru who created these problems to fulfill his personal agenda and not the Maharajah,” he said.

The minister further said that the vacuum created by Nehru in Kashmir allowed Pakistan to interfere in Kashmir and eventually his forces entered Kashmir territory under the guise of local tribes on October 20, 1947. “Even then, Nehru was unmoved. Pakistani forces advanced rapidly in Kashmir. Maharaja Hari Singh again asked Nehru to join the Indian union. But Nehru was still negotiating to fulfill his personal agenda,” Rijiju wrote.

Jairam Ramesh, the congressional secretary-general for communications, hit out at the justice minister, saying that Rijiju is lying about something he learned from his “boss.” “He doesn’t have the courage. He’s LYING something he picked up from his boss,” he tweeted.

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