Instagram Brings New Age Verification Options to India: Here’s How It Works

Meta-owned social media service Instagram has added other new features to the platform to make it a safer space for users, and one of the areas it’s been working on for this is age verification. The platform started rolling out new age verification options in some regions earlier this year, and these options are now being offered in more countries, including India and Brazil.

The new age verification method, already available in the US, requires users to use one of two methods to change their date of birth on Instagram to change their age from under 18 or 18 to over 18. These methods include uploading ID cards and video selfies.

“We test this to ensure teens and adults have the right experience for their age group. We also work with Yoti, a company that specializes in online age verification, to ensure people’s privacy,” Instagram said in a blog post.

For video selfies, users can follow the on-screen instructions to guide them to record a video. The capture is then shared with Yoti, a digital ID service that only verifies the person’s age based on facial features. The image will then be deleted by both Meta and Yoti, according to the company.

Alternatively, users can also share their IDs to verify their age. A third age verification method called Social Vouching was also used until Instagram withdrew the option to work on it more. Social Vouching allowed users to ask three mutual followers to confirm their age, and those users could then vouch for that user if they were over 18.

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