ISL 2022: Mumbai City FC plays an entertaining 3-3 draw against Hyderabad FC

An early clash between two top sides in the Indian Super League between Hyderabad FC and Mumbai City FC ended in a 3-3 draw between the teams. Hyderabad, with one of India’s most exciting young cores, met Mumbai, who can draw on City Football Group’s financial and technical expertise. The result – one of the most exciting fights of the ISL season.

Sunday was no different, with both teams showing off their ISL playoff history. Hyderabad FC manager Manolo Marquez was quick to praise Mumbai, saying the game had always been on the sidelines and there were no clear signs of who could win or lose.

He said: “Even when we lost we felt we could turn the result around and when we were 2-1, 3-2 up we felt they could level the game because they were very have good players. I am absolutely certain that Mumbai City will be in the top four this season. Our team once again fought very well.”

For Mumbai City FC manager Des Buckingham, the six-goal thriller was one that could and should have been avoided. One of the goals, a Joao Victor penalty, came from MCFC midfielder Apuia Ralte’s stupidest decision. The Manipuri is one of India’s finest technical midfielders on the ball, with his ability to keep the ball in traffic in the middle of the field, a trait sorely lacking in most other positions across the national team.

But his decision to dare a stud challenge for the ball in the center of the box was one that cost his team a penalty.

“I think for the neutrals, for the fans watching at home, it was a six-goal thriller. I don’t think for the coaches, Manolo and me. As a coach, the heart rate may have gone up a bit. No, I’m very happy. It’s the first game of the season. We played against a very good side with some wonderful players and a wonderful coach, which I spoke about before, and we’re not at home,” Buckingham said in the post-game press conference.

At the end of the game, it wasn’t just the score, the two teams were more or less even when it came to key data. Hyderabad made 13 shots compared to Mumbai’s 15 but had seven shots on target compared to Mumbai’s 5. Possession between the two teams was tied at 51-49 in Hyderabad’s favour, with Mumbai making 285 passes in his 90 minutes – just four fewer than that home team.

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