Kamal Haasan introduces Bigg Boss candidates

Bigg Boss Tamil is back! Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the reality show’s schedule is somewhat skewed. The reality show, which normally airs in June every year, was pushed back to October in 2020, and since then October has been the month of the new Bigg Boss. Bigg Boss also brings another piece of good news: Actor-Filmmaker for the next 14 weeks Kamal Haasan would appear on screen with his usual wit, book suggestions and anecdotes. As the actor is currently basking in the success of Vikram, it will be all the more fun. Let’s hope he releases news about his upcoming movie Indian 2.

We gave you a little insight into the new house earlier, which has become more lush and shiny. Additionally, two significant changes in the house would spice things up even more. One is the return of the swimming pool, which stopped working as the showrunners wanted to show solidarity with the water shortage issue. However, it is back this season along with a ramp. The second major change in the house is the common sleeping area for men and women. Even before Day 1 begins, rest assured that this is a fertile scenario for more drama. The prison has also been redesigned like every season. Instead of the underground prison like last season, we now have a giant parrot cage for the inmates who need punishment.

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