Kantara Box Office Collection: The Rishab Shetty spectacle is aiming for the Rs 100 crore mark

The popularity of the latest film by actor and filmmaker Rishab Shetty Kantara has skyrocketed across the country since its release last month. The film, which was quietly released in Karnataka last month, immediately captured audiences’ imaginations. Its growth was further aided by the rave reviews it received from several movie stars across the country. Malayalam star Prithviraj was so impressed with the film that he took it upon himself to present the Malayalam version of this film in Kerala.

Hombale Films, the producers behind one of this year’s biggest blockbusters, KGF: Chapter 2, also funded Kantara. Although Kantara is not as expensive as KGF 2, the film has impressed everyone with its immersive visual style.

Given the film’s growing popularity across the country, Hombale Films is preparing to release it in multiple languages ​​starting this week. The Tamil and Telugu versions of the film will open in theaters on Saturday. And its Hindi version hits theaters this Friday. The film is said to be preparing for a wide release in the Hindi belt. The producers have flown the film’s leads and crew to Mumbai as part of the promotions. The film has also received rave reviews from media workers who saw it in a special screening ahead of its release on Friday.

It remains to be seen if all of this advertising for Kantara will take root in theaters in the North Belt.

Kantara has already emerged as one of the biggest blockbuster in Karnataka as almost Rs 60 crore worth of tickets were sold there. And it has also been reported that the Kannada version has also seen many squat shows in Kerala. If the film continues to maintain this momentum at the box office, it will come as no surprise if it breaks the Rs 100 billion mark.

Kantara was written and directed by Rishab Shetty, who also starred in it. The film is based on local folklore and its visual splendor highlights the beauty of Karnataka’s hill stations.

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