Kim Kardashian Reveals Grandmother’s Intimate Details About Her Sex Life With Ex Pete Davidson

American media personality Kim Kardashian recently revealed to her grandmother, Mary Jo ‘MJ’ Campbell, some intimate details of her sex life with her ex Pete Davidson. According to Fox News, Kim opened up about the details with her grandmother during the final episode of The Kardashians. Although Kim and Pete broke up over the summer, she’s still dating Davidson in the latest season of her reality show.

Not holding back on sharing sex details with her extended family, Kim said, “Pete and I stayed at the Beverly Hills Hotel last weekend and we sat in front of the fireplace for hours just talking and I was like, ‘My grandma told me that you really live life when you’re having sex in front of the fireplace,'” reported Fox News.

“And so, in your honor, we had sex in front of the fireplace,” Kardashian shared with Campbell. Noting that she’d just shared very private details with her family and the cameras, Kardashian said, “I know, that’s really creepy.” However, Campbell asked bluntly, “Not in the lobby?”

Kardashian clarified that she and Davidson didn’t get down to business in the lobby. In the same episode, Kim had Davidson on the phone for her family to talk to as he shared his excitement about space travel.

According to Fox News, while the former Saturday Night Live star was supposed to fly on Jeff Bezos’ rocket, he ended up not going.

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