Madhuri Dixit Says People Asked Her About Dancing After Becoming A Mom: ‘They Said To Take Care Of The House’

Madhuri Dixit, who plays a housewife in Amazon Prime Video’s film Maja Ma, was recently asked how society’s perception of her has changed after retiring from the film industry and embracing motherhood after getting married. but Madhuri quickly pointed out that none of this bothered her. Madhuri said some people told her not to dance after becoming a mother and just mind her household chores.

“These things happen. People have different beliefs. And there are many who say, ‘Now you’re a mother, why are you dancing? Please sit down and take care of the house.’ But I feel like we’re going to do it all anyway. We take care of the kids, the house, we’ll do it all anyway,” she told the Bollywood Bubble.

Regarding a woman’s identity, Madhuri emphasized that “we have our own personality, our own identity. You have your own emotions, desires, something you want to achieve in life.’ Shriram Nene had married when she moved to the US and said people take housewives for granted.

“People take housewives for granted that they do it. This attitude is intimidating. And why is that? She needs to do something that’s just for herself,” she said. When asked if she was ever discouraged after becoming a mother and homemaker, she dismissed the idea, citing a Marathi proverb which can be loosely translated as: “Listen to everyone, but do what you will.” .”

She also quoted the song “Kuch Toh Log Kahenge” and said that this kind of conversation doesn’t bother her as she has always felt supported by her husband, mother and mother-in-law.

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