“Mental anguish was as bad as physical pain,” Shilpa Shetty writes two months after the leg injury

“It’s been two months today… since my injury,” he wrote Shilpa Shetty Kundra in her latest Instagram post, admitting that “it wasn’t easy.” The actor wrote a detailed note about her injury and her road to recovery, adding: “The mental anguish was as bad as the physical pain. For someone who is a workaholic and fitness addict like me, the last eight weeks have come with their own share of frustration, Furysadness and helplessness.”

Shilpa had suffered a leg injury, which she shared a social media update about on August 10, writing, “They said camera roll – ‘Break your leg!’ I took it literally. Out of action for 6 weeks but soon I’ll be back stronger and better. Until then, dua my yaad rakhiyega. Prayers always work. With gratitude, Shilpa Shetty Kundra.”

However, as evidenced by their updates over the past few weeks, the leg injury didn’t stop her from performing yoga asanas, Dancing during the Ganpati festival and even working out at the gym! As such, the actress shared her source of motivation, continuing, “I found a very powerful source of motivation to get better fast in my daughter Samisha,” who, she said, attended “every physical therapy session.”

“It was only with time that I realized how eagerly she was waiting for me to pick her up again,” she wrote, adding, “those smiles, those hugs, those little sweet nothings and kisses were all I needed with some.” days.”

The actress believes everyone deals with their “stressors and pain points” differently, so “if you can’t handle something on your own, seek help,” she suggested.

She also advised people to provide support and help to others who are struggling Mental health, He emphasized that “broken hearts and souls are no less painful than broken bones. Everyone deserves to be healed by all of them.”

completion of the post, shared further World Mental Health Day, observed every year on October 10th, The actress heartily thanked all her doctors, “for holding hands (literally) and for helping me through this process and doing it with so much love. To all my well-wishers for all your prayers and good wishes.”

Shilpa was injured while filming for Rohit Shetty’s indian police, and has been wheelchair bound ever since.

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