Mizoram State Health Care Scheme debt repayment fund approved by the Central Government

Aizawl, the 14th June 2022: Health Minister Dr R.Lalthangliana today said that the Central Government has approved the repayment of Mizoram State Health Care Scheme debt.

Dr R.Lalthangliana said that the Mizoram State Health Care Scheme (MSHS) is a scheme that is being implemented by the Government of Mizoram Myanmar refugee relief and health issues have led to a huge amount of government funds being spent. Health Care debt has been collected a lot. The Finance Department, which provides health care funds, has applied for a soft loan of Rs 1,000 crore from the Asian Development Bank. The Department of Expenditure under the Ministry of Finance has recommended that the State Government should repay the funds. Dr R.Lalthangliana said that the Finance Ministry Screening Committee yesterday approved the proposal submitted by Mizoram Government officials.

World Blood Donor’s Day celebrant Dr R.Lalthangliana said that there is nothing more valuable and great than giving to others in a short lifetime. God has put love, compassion and desire for others in the hearts of Mizote, and one of the most important manifestations of this is voluntary blood donation, he said. The Health Minister praised the voluntary blood donors for their commitment to the needy patients without any selfishness. He said that the Association for Voluntary Blood Donation (ABVD) is a great initiative.

Voluntary Blood Donation Award 2022 was presented today. In the religious category, Central KTP was first, followed by TKP Coordination Committee, Aizawl and PYD, North East India. YMA Category-ah Chanmari West Branch was first, Bethlehem Vengthlang and Aibawk Branches were second and third respectively. Pachhunga University College NSS won first prize while Hrangbana College and Aizawl College NSS won second and third prizes respectively. Higher Secondary School-ah Synod HSS NSS was first, Helen Lowry HSS NSS was second and Govt Central HSS NSS was third. In the Miscellaneous Category, MNYF, Mizo Chelsea Supporters Club and 225 CRPF Zemabawk won first to third prizes. Central KTP won first prize while Mizoram NSS and Central YMA won second and third prizes respectively.

There are 27 people in Mizoram who have donated blood more than 50 times. Pu C.Lalremruata Electric Veng and Pu RC Rokhuma Mission Veng donated 83 times each.

Here’s an overview of blood donations over the past 5 years:

Year Total Collection Total Voluntary Voluntary % Camp Organised
2017-18 26248 21880 83.36% 433
2018-19 27079 23434 86.54% 458
2019-20 30499 27727 90.91% 494
2020-21 26658 23911 89.66% 530
2021-2022 28191 25396 90.08% 480


Health Secretary Pu R.Lalramnghaka chaired the programme. Two volunteer blood donors testified. SBTC Member Secretary Dr Malsawmtluangi Ralte introduced the programme.

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