“Never wore sleeveless dresses”: When Sameera Reddy used makeup to cover stretch marks

Sameera Reddy is one of those celebrities who are uncompromisingly themselves on social media.

While many social media platforms have been criticized for perpetuating a specific pseudo definition of beautyFor the actress and mother of two, it has allowed her to embrace her flaws and love herself more.

Over the years, Sameera has spoken openly about her imperfections, telling young girls and women – especially mothers – that they should be kinder to themselves and their bodies, and that others’ perceptions of who you are are never accurate.

She recently appeared for a session with Optimize India, a snippet of which was shared on her official Instagram account. In it, Sameera said while she’d worried about her arms and how they looked all her life, things have changed now.

“All my life I’ve worried about my arms. I have a massive problem because I have many Stretch marks. I’ve never worn sleeveless dresses, and if you’ve seen me at events and runway shows, I used to have a body kit just to cover it up with makeup,” the actress shared of her physical insecurities.

The 43-year-old continued: “Social media has allowed me to … it’s such a relief. If someone has an opinion about you, it’s their opinion, their judgment. why are you taking it Why are you giving them this power? It is your power.”

Sameera who has spoken about her in the past weight problems and graying of the hairShe also addressed her trolls: “If you have a problem with me, you think I’m not good enough, you think I’m not successful enough, you think I’m fat, you think I’m not a great mom — that’s your problem, not mine.”

Reclaiming and redefining the word “selfish,” the social media influencer said we often think of it as a “bad word.” “Selfish is the best word, I tell you! Today’s theme should be ‘Let’s be selfish’.”

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