New Twitter feature being tested: “Only people you follow can mention you”

Twitter, the microblogging platform, is working on a feature that may soon stop you being mentioned on Twitter. This is because, according to The Verge, Twitter is developing a new feature that will allow you to choose who can mention you on the social network.

App researcher and blogger Jane Manchun Wong discovered the trial version of the feature, the report said. “Twitter is working on allowing you to control who can mention you on Twitter,” Wong said in a tweet.

The screenshot she shared shows two options: “Anyone can mention you” and “Only people you follow can mention you.” According to CNET, there’s also a third option, and it’s called “No one can mention you.”

The Everyone button is enabled by default. Also, you can’t be mentioned in posts by people you’ve blocked.

The feature was confirmed by Dominic Camozzi, a privacy designer for Twitter. But Camozzi later removed the tweet, he added.

The San Francisco-based company launched the August Circle, which allows users to narrow the audience for their posts. In August 2020, the reply limit feature was introduced, giving users control over who can reply to their posts.

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