Nikhil Siddharth Questions RRR’s Oscars Campaign, Saying ‘Not Every Movie Is Made for the Oscars’

The participation of SS Rajamouli’s RRR at the Oscars 2023 has become quite a discussion in the film industry. After being rejected as India’s official Oscar entry, the film was submitted to the Academy for nominations in all major categories, including Best Picture and Best Director. Although the film is looking forward to international recognition and acceptance, Karthikeya 2 actor Nikhil Siddharth believes an Oscar is just a certificate that the film doesn’t really need.

In a new interview, Nikhil Siddharth shared his two cents on Indian films aiming for an Oscar trophy. In his opinion, one should strive for Indian recognition such as a national award, rather than chasing after international recognition.

Mentioning the amount of money being spent lobbying for your film to win an Oscar, Nikhil told ETimes, “I just read an article that previous studios would spend $5 million to lobby for an Oscar, now the price is $15. 20 million just to campaign for votes for your film. what’s the point We have our own National Awards, we have our own Filmfare Awards and so many awards are presented by our Indian government.”

The actor shared that, in his opinion, the best reward for RRR is box office collection and the love of the public. He feels the same about Vivek Agnihotri’s The Kashmir Files, which he thinks is another good film to make this year.

Nikhil concluded: “If you get an Oscar, fine, but that shouldn’t be the end of it all. Not every film is made for the Oscars. It’s not a certificate, I don’t think we need that.”

After the success of Karthikeya 2, Nikhil is looking forward to developing Karthikeya 3.

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