Norway’s unique field placement with ‘9 Slips’ leaves fans amazed. watch

Watch: Norway's unique field placement with 9 slips leaves fans in awe

Norway places 9 outfield players in the slip cordon.

Field positioning is extremely important to the game of cricket. The captain and bowler often engage in lengthy discussions and planning before setting the field for a particular batter. However, a unique incident happened in a game between Norway and Romania. In the 18th game of the European Cricket League, Norway placed 9 players in the slip cordon and amazed bowler and cricket fans all over the world.

Years ago in test matches there were such attacking fields where 5 or 7 players were placed in the slip chain. But nobody has come across situations where such fields are used in limited overs cricket.

Video of the incident is shared extensively on social media. Here it is:

In terms of play, Norway scored a total of 97 runs in 10 overs in a loss of 8 wickets. The total proved too good for Romania to pursue. After understanding that the game was as good as won, Norway decided to ease off a bit and sent all of their outfield players onto the slip cordon.

The batsman managed to hit the ball into the huge “gap” and grab a couple of runs. Nevertheless, Romania could only muster 54 runs in the match. Norway’s Raza Iqbal was the highest-scoring racquet with 32 runs in 16 deliveries. Also a major contributor was Pratish Thangaveiel, who made a decent contribution with 16 runs in 10 balls.

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