‘Not just voting’: Gul Panag tells News18 she wants to rejoin politics

Bollywood actress Gul Panag is keen to rejoin mainstream politics. In an exclusive interview with News18, she said everyone should be a part of it.

Panag had campaigned on an Aam Aadmi Party ticket in the 2014 general election in Chandigarh.

She told News18 that her family deserved more of her attention in 2014 and that she found it difficult at the time. But when asked if she was still interested in joining mainstream politics, Panag said, “Yes, I am.”

“I believe that our involvement in politics should increase. It shouldn’t be limited to casting our vote. What after? Unfortunately, the festival of democracy has been reduced to voting. What about public opinion, public pressure? What about the fourth estate, the media?” she said.

Asked if she sees her future with AAP or any other party, Panag said she finds it difficult to speak out now. “A multi-party system is very important for a thriving democracy. I don’t think it’s healthy for one or two parties to conquer the political landscape,” she said.

Panag has been very vocal politically on social media and public platforms. She supported the peasant protest on the Delhi border.

When asked if she faced trolling or attacking issues because of her political stance, she said: “Trolling today is very organized. However, I have not dealt with it often, as my attitude is always balanced. I don’t think the government ever works against the people.”

However, Panag agrees that trolling sometimes impacts the entertainment industry in terms of box office revenue. There have been cases where films have been boycotted because of an actor’s statement or his/her stance on an issue.

The effect, she believes, is also due to the fact that there are only a few who take a stand on an issue. The majority, she says, don’t.

“However, when you see Lal Singh Chadha, the box office collections have ultimately increased. How effective was the boycott? Audiences want entertainment,” said Panag.

Stressing the need to take a stand, she said: “People look at you as role models. So when you take a stand, it should be balanced.”

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