Nothing Phone 1 gets unofficial Android 13 with the first custom ROM build

Despite being the first smartphone from a new company, the Nothing Phone 1 quickly became popular for two reasons. These supporting pillars were the fresh design and the clean software. While the Nothing Phone 1’s design is no longer a secret, the clean, stock Android skin that powers the phone might be a bit too simplistic for power users who want a little more customization.

To fix this, long-time custom ROM-making team Paranoid Android has now released their first alpha build for the Nothing Phone 1. Custom ROM brings all new features of Paranoid Android Topaz, based on Android 13, to Nothing Phone 1.

For the uninitiated, a custom ROM is essentially a third-party Android skin bake that can be used on an Android phone as an OS (OS) replacement for the default skin that the phone comes with. While installing custom ROMs isn’t exactly a basic procedure reserved for users with some Android tinkering experience, the benefits could include a completely transformed user experience.

Nothing Phone 1 Custom ROM can be downloaded from the developer thread XDA developer or directly from the Paranoid Android website. The installation process is simple and involves a few commands in addition to unlocking your Nothing Phone 1’s bootloader if you haven’t already done so.

Note that since this is literally the first test build of the ROM for the phone, the build will likely contain a number of critical bugs. Some of these bugs are also mentioned in the developer thread.

The custom ROM is also the first taste of Android 13 for the Nothing Phone 1, which has yet to receive an official Android 13-based build of Nothing OS, its own skin. The company announced earlier this year that the phone would receive a beta release before the end of the year and a stable update to Android 13 by early 2023.

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