PCB Appoints Dedicated Physiotherapist for Shaheen Afridi, Fakhar Zaman: Report

According to a report, the PCB has asked a doctor to join the team in Australia.© AFP

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has appointed a dedicated physiotherapist to look after fast bowler Shaheen Shah Afridi and batsman Fakhar Zaman during the T20 World Cup in Australia. A PCB source confirmed that due to Afridi and Fakhar’s knee injuries, the board has called Dr. Javed Akhtar Mughal, a London-based physiotherapist, asked to join the players.

“Dr. Mughal was part of the whole rehabilitation process that Shaheen and Fakhar went through in London, so he knows their injuries very well. Because of this, the PCB chairman decided that the two players, especially Shaheen, need dedicated care during the World Cup,” he said.

He went on to say that the PCB sees both players as an asset to Pakistani cricket and understands just how delicate knee injuries and the recovery process can be, so it was decided to hire Dr. to send Mughal to Australia.

“He will take care of them both during the event. He was there when Shaheen and Fakhar used the facilities of Crystal Palace football club for their rehabilitation.” Afrdidi and Fakhar will join the team in Brisbane today and play in the two pre-season games against England and Afghanistan before deciding whether they will qualify for the World Cup be available.


Pakistan will play India in their World Cup opening game in Melbourne on October 23.

Afridi has been out of action since mid-July when he injured his knee in the first friendly against Sri Lanka in Galle, while Fakhar injured his knee in the Asian Cup final in Dubai. Both underwent rehab in London last month.

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