Dated Serchhip, the 30th June, 2022: Remna Ni, 2022 celebration was held at Serchhip BNRGSK Hall, P&E Veng, Serchhip today. Deputy Speaker and Tuikum MLA Er. Lalrinawma was the chief guest.

Chief Guest Er. Lalrinawma, said that Mizoram was independent when India was under British rule. When India became independent, the leaders of Mizoram were thinking about how to continue because of their love for the country. Finally, he was allowed to stay in India every ten years. After a few years, patriotism led to the desire to secede from India.

Many people lost their lives for freedom without paying for their own suffering In the past, many people were landless, spent their youth in the countryside, fasted for generations, and fought for this country as high as they could. Today we pay tribute to those people.

Because of their love for the country, when our country was going through difficult times, various people, parties, churches and NGOs fought hard for themselves. In 1986, peace was achieved due to the strong demands of the people. He peace is a successful peace to this day.

The peace drafters of our country’s leaders signed the peace wisely and with a long-term vision. He said that we have good laws to protect our nation, culture and religion, financial incentives, good and advanced universities, High Courts and many other things.

Remembering the suffering of conflict, let us think about the value of peace and do our utmost to maintain this peace. Without peace, development cannot be achieved. Peace and security is the first priority for the country to move forward. And development is not a public one, it is a result.

He thusawiah hian Chief Minister Pu Lal Thanhawla chuan, “Remna vawnghim zel tur leh ram tana inpe turin in kal khawmte a chah a ni,” a ti a.

Pu Lalmuansanga Ralte, Acting Serchhip Bawrhsap in a speech said that peace is the foundation of development. He also thanked all those who came together to celebrate Peace Day. Mr. K. Vanlalpeka, Asst. Professor, Department of History, Govt. Pu PC Lianhnuna, Vice President, PAMRA, Serchhip and Pu Kawlthuama, Chairman, NGO Coordination Committee delivered speeches. Sub Hqtrs YMA Zaipawl, Pi Laithangpuii and Nl . . . . F. Lalremruati performed.

The meeting was chaired by Pu K. Saitluanga, MIS, DIPRO, Serchhip. Vanlaltharzuala, CO, Salvation Army introduced the programme. Head of Offices, VC representatives, NGO representatives, Party representatives, church representatives, PAMRA members, former National Army members and others were present Media personnel were present.

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