PHE and YMA plant trees at Siaha water source

Siaha; the 11th June, 2022: YMA Chhimtuipui group and PHE Department Siaha today launched a tree planting campaign at Tlapi, Beita River source, Siaha town water source. Chhimtuipui group YMA members are planning to plant trees on the occasion of the 78th YMA Day.

Today’s workshop was conducted by Pu HC. Biakcheuva, EM i/c Forest MADC welcomed the participants from Siahtla. Mr. HC. Biakcheuva said that YMA members’ efforts to increase water supply and improve the environment are appreciated He thusawiah hian Chief Minister Pu Lal Thanhawla chuan, “Today’s results are not immediately visible tomorrow, but in the future we will be for our children and grandchildren,” a ti bawk.

62 trees were planted today. Several trees planted under MNREGA last year were cleaned up and the dead trees were replaced.

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