PK hits back at Nitish over ‘secretly helping BJP’ charge

Political strategist Prashant Kishor joked with Nitish Kumar on Sunday that the Bihar premier has become “delusional” and “politically isolated” and is saying different things than he meant to be.

Kishor, whose comments come days after Nitish Kumar was charged that he works for the BJP, also said Kumar’s age affected him and was reflected in his “nervousness”.

Bihar CM Nitish Kumar last month slammed Kishor, his former party colleague, who said JD(U’s decision to switch alliances will have regional, not national, implications. Bihar CM Kumar called election strategist Prashant Kishor a “publicity expert” and suggested that Kishor could work to secretly help the BJP.

Kishor hit back at Nitish Kumar on Sunday, saying: “He [Kumar] said I was working on the BJP agenda and asked him to merge with Congress. How is it even possible? If I supported BJP, why would I ask him to strengthen Congress? If the second statement is true, the first is false.”

“He [Kumar] is affected by his old age and has developed delusions. He is politically isolated as he is surrounded by people he does not trust. And because of this nervousness, he speaks differently than he means,” the Kishor news agency was quoted as saying.

This comes amid a string of accusations that Prashant Kishor and Nitish Kumar have shot at each other.

On Saturday, Bihar’s CM said Kishor, who helped political parties win elections and influence people, is now making unsubstantiated claims. He added that Kishor advised him to merge his JD(U) with Congress a few years ago. On October 5, Kishor said Kumar invited him to his home and offered him to join and lead his party.

But Kishor has dropped several hints that he intends to found his own political party after completing his yatra. He has often said it was time for him to “go straight to the people.”

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