Rajasthan government has not given preferential treatment to Adani, says Rahul Gandhi

A day after Gautam Adani pledged huge investments in Rajasthan, Rahul Gandhi on Saturday said the state’s congressional government had not given the industrialist preferential treatment, claiming he was not anti-corporate but anti-monopoly. At a press conference here, Gandhi also said that if the Rajasthan Adani government does any wrongdoing, he will also fight back.

The BJP mocked Congress on Friday after Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot heaped praise on Adani, the industrialist Gandhi, often for claiming that Prime Minister Narendra Modi only helps big businessmen. Asked about Adani’s presence at a government event in Rajasthan and the industrialists pledged investments in the state, the former Congress chief said: “Mr Adani has pledged Rs 60,000 crore to Rajasthan. No Prime Minister can refuse such an offer. In fact, it would not be right for a prime minister to turn down such an offer.” “My allegation concerns the use of political power to help certain select companies. I’m against two, three or four big companies being politically helped to monopolize every single company in this country,” he said.

“I am in no way anti-corporate, I am in no way anti-corporate, but I am against the full monopoly of Indian companies because it weakens the country. “What we see today of the BJP government is the complete monopolization of all companies by helping a select few companies,” Gandhi claimed.

Earlier, Congress Secretary-General Jairam Ramesh tweeted that there was a lot of media hype over Gehlot’s meeting with Adani. “Adani wants to invest about Cr 60,000 in Rajasthan. No CM will say don’t invest. There are NO specific rules or guidelines for Adani by RJ Govt. Gehlot is very much against nepotism of the Modi variety,” he said.

Adani announced an investment of 65,000 rupees in Rajasthan over the next five to seven years – the construction of a 10,000MW solar power plant, the expansion of the cement plant and the modernization of Jaipur International Airport.

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