Redmi launches ‘Writing Pad’, a digital version of the tablet: here’s what it does

Redmi recently added another device to its portfolio – the Redmi Writing Pad, a digital version of the good old slate. The writing tablet has an 8.5-inch polymer LCD screen and is available in black. It’s an eco-friendly solution if you’re someone who takes notes often, makes to-do lists, and loves to write and sketch. And since it doesn’t use paper, it’s one of the best ways to reduce your carbon footprint.

The writing pad itself is quite light at 90 grams and can easily be packed in a bag or carried around. This is especially useful for those who have young children at home or want to save energy and reduce overall paper waste.

The LCD tablet uses a special type of screen called an electrophoretic display, which is made up of small capsules. These capsules contain tiny particles of liquid that move and change the color of the screen. Another advantage is that the screen does not require a backlight.

The Redmi Writing Pad comes with an instruction manual and a stylus that can be attached to the side of the tablet. On the underside you will find a lock switch that prevents content on the display from being overwritten. So if you write something and keep it in a bag, the text stays intact.

It comes with a removable button cell on the side, with Redmi claiming that the device will offer around 20,000 pages of battery life before it runs out. On the front of the device, just below the screen, you’ll see an orange button that lets you reset the display and write or doodle from scratch. The Redmi Writing Pad is currently available on Mi Store for Rs 599.

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