Dated Serchhip, the 10th June, 2022: Green Mizoram Day, 2022 Serchhip district opening ceremony was held today at Thenzawl Golf Course & Resorts Convention Centre. Tree planting campaign was held around the Golf Course.

Chief Guest, Pi Nazuk Kumar, IAS, Serchhip Bawrhsap congratulated the winners. Green Mizoram Day is a day of tree planting, water conservation and forest conservation. However, the purpose of this day is to live in harmony with nature.

The importance of water and clean air is not to be repeatedly mentioned. The two sources of water and clean air are the trees and plants. Therefore, the conservation of trees, soil and forests cannot be ignored and should be pursued enthusiastically, he said.

He said that Serchhip district has already implemented many good initiatives and the people are enthusiastically implementing them. He also advised the citizens to teach their children the importance of tree planting.

The Chief Minister also presented awards to the villages that have done well in fire prevention this year. The prize winners are; first prize Lungpho received Citation and Rs. 50,000, second prize Zote South, Citation and Rs. 30,000, and third runner-up Bungtlang were awarded Citation and Rs 20,000. The awards were presented to the winners from the State Level the villages; Leng, Piler and Chhingchhip Mualpui were awarded Citation and Rs. 5000 each were paid. Lenkawl Daily Newspaper was awarded a Citation and Rs. 5000 was also paid.

The meeting was attended by Pu Lalbiakchama Chawngthu, DFO, Thenzawl; Member Secretary, Serchhip district Green Mizoram Committee chaired the meeting. He reported on the activities of Green Mizoram Serchhip district it is very pleasant. This year is the 24th Green Mizoram Day. Last year, 1,400 trees were planted and 7,000 trees were distributed to the public.

Dr. A.S. Lalhmangaihzuali, Asst. Professor, Department of Botany, Govt. Serchhip College gave a lecture on “Importance of forests for water resources development” Pu K. Saitluanga, DIPRO chaired the function. Pu RL Chhuanawma, Honorary Wildlife Warden introduced the programme.

After the opening ceremony at the Convention Centre, tree planting ceremony was held at selected places to prevent soil erosion and conserve the Vanva River. Government departments and organizations that have planted trees during Green Mizoram Day are expected to clean up their trees tomorrow.

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