Shaheen Bhatt is “excited and nervous” about Alia Bhatt-Ranbir Kapoor’s baby and is responding to negative comments about the actor’s pregnancy

Ali Bhatt‘s sister and author Shaheen Bhatt is pretty excited about becoming an aunt. Bhatt said that Alia is the first sibling to welcome a child and that’s why everyone is pretty nervous.

“Alia is the first of us siblings to welcome a baby. There is extreme nervousness and anticipation (at home). We are waiting to meet the new member of our family… It has been a wonderful year for our family in that regard. It has grown tremendously over the past year. There is only more joy and happiness to come, and I look forward to that,” Shaheen told News18.

While the Bhatts and Kapoors are in celebration mode as Alia and Ranbir not only welcome a child together, their first feature film together, Brahmastra, also did wonders at the box office. However, when Alia first announced her pregnancy a few months ago, some people were surprised by the news and wondered if becoming a mother at the height of her career was wise.

Regarding the polarizing opinions about her sister’s upcoming motherhood, Shaheen said: “I will not speak for her because this is her own journey. Everything she has been dealing with internally is entirely her journey. However, you can never really please everyone. There will always be a negative comment or two. And I think when we’re living in the public eye, we’re all very adept at knowing what to focus on and what not to focus on,” Shaheen captioned.

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