Shot numbers: How Esha Singh trumped China’s Feng Sixuan and other stories

Chinese junior 25-meter pistol shooter Feng Sixuan is a skilled 50 shooter, not a drifty 50 shooter in the fast event. That means she’s hammering out 50/50 scores, series after series, without swaying much. In the jr rapid fire team event on Day 1, Feng had a 50/50 score, two of three series in Precision and 5 of 6 in Rapid as China won gold ahead of Korea. Indian trio Naamya Kapoor, Vibhuti Bhatia and Esha Singh had two 49s in the Precision series and only two 50s each in Rapid (with Feng alone having 5).

Esha defeats Fantastic Feng in the Clutch final

In the 25m Individual Pistol, Feng had an accuracy of 291 and a stunning 299 in Rapid (100, 100, 99) through to the top qualifier with a 590. Manu Bhaker holds the junior world record of 593.

Esha Singh, who eventually took gold, was fourth in the qualifier behind 3 Chinese shooters for 581. Hyderabadi’s streak was 97, 98, 99 for Precision 294 overall (Feng 291) and Rapid 287 (Feng 299). In the rankings (as in the semifinals), Esha had 11 hits against Feng’s 15 while they were divided into two different groups. However, Esha scored 29 hits against Feng’s 25 in the final. Crucially, on the final 10 hits in the straight duel as they balanced 22-21 against the Indian, Esha outplayed Feng on 7/10 hits to 4/10, which indicates a better clutch score.

Indians better than China in the final

In Sunday’s men’s air rifle team final, the Chinese trio of Lihao Sheng, Buhan Song and Haoran Yang fell below a 10.0 score four times with 39 shots, while the Indians had just 9.9 on 39 shots. Arjun Babuta had two 10.9s including the final shot, Kiran Jadhav and Rudrankksh Patil had two 10.8s each indicating better Inner Tens. China’s Lihao Sheng had 10.9 and 10.8 respectively, although he started with 9.8 and 9.7. Buhan Song shot at medium range, no high tens. Haoran Yang had a 10.8.

At Clutch on Topmost Tens, India bt China 6-3.

Patil’s consistent qualification

Notable in Rudrankksh Patil’s qualifying run, where he topped during his gold medal in the 10m air rifle, was that he never dropped below 105 in the six series. Both Italy’s Dennis Sollazzo and China’s Lihao Sheng had a streak where they went under 105. All top 4 qualifiers – Patil, Sheng, Haoran and Iranian Nekounam each had 2 streaks of 106+. But the consistency of 105+ gave Patil the 633.9 Q-Score.

Patil – better finisher in one-on-one combat

In the ranking (semifinals), Sollazzo had a 10.9, four 10.8 and four 10.7; Patil had zero 10.9s, three 10.8s and four 10.7s, while Sheng had one 10.9, four 10.8s and two 10.7s. The Indian was able to muster a 10.9, 10.8 and 10.7 each in the gold medal duel, the Italian had three 10.7s. Her last shots: Patil – 10.7 and 10.5. Sollazzo – 10.4 and 10.2.

Mehuli – needs more 105 series

Each Women’s Air Rifle Qualifier had a minimum of 3 points out of 105+ in her six qualifying series. Mehuli Ghosh, just missing out on 10th place, had 4 runs under 105 – small margins that cost a lot as she ended at 629.7 while the cutoff was 630.0. Ghosh showed up twice under 10 on 9 in the 60-shot qualifier (23rd shot from 9.8, 34th from 9.9). As did Yu Zhang, who qualified 8th. Only the Chinese had 11 shots from 10.7, five from 10.8 and two from 10.9. Ghosh had seven out of 10.7, five out of 10.8, and three out of 10.9. More of those 10.7s and at least three sets of 105+ are required to crack the final.

Narwhal’s doldrums begin; Horror third series

Shiva Narwal sensationally finished his qualifiers with seven straight 10s to record a sixth finals series of 98. However, in ladder elimination he also had a horror run of seven shots under 10 that sent him out of the odds contest.

Interestingly, the third finalist of the 5-shot series, which eliminated Narwal, was a low for all eight finalists for some reason. It’s rare for the full pack of Sub-10s to appear multiple times in the same series, like Husha-Hosha-Ringa-Rosen.

Here is the number of under 10s with 9 points each in the third series: Narwal – India (4 under 10s), Bankin – Ukraine (4), Gulfam – Pakistan (3), Bowen – China (3), Lee – Korea (3), Korostylov – Ukraine (2), Liu – China (2), Zhang – China (2).

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