Shruti Haasan Says She Had Rhinoplasty To Look ‘Prettier’: ‘It’s My Face, Why Shouldn’t I?’

Actress Shruti Haasan is one of the very few celebrities who has been very open about her journey in the film industry and how she underwent certain medical procedures to look the way she wanted. In a recent chat, Shruti Opened up about her nose job and the fillers she got, saying it’s her face and her body and she “don’t feel the need to justify why I want to look a certain way for myself.”

Speaking to Hauterrfly, Shruti said it was very “obvious” that she had her nose fixed because she was shooting her first film with her “old nose”. “I had my nose fixed and it was very obvious that I fixed my nose. My nose was broken and very different from before and I made my first film with my old nose. And people are like she’s just using the deviated septum excuse. No, I had a septum deviation, it hurt. But if I could make it prettier, it’s my face, why shouldn’t I? It was that simple,” she said.

Shruti Haasan said that people have every right to choose what they want to do with their bodies. She added that she doesn’t endorse cosmetic procedures, but if anyone chooses to have them, that’s up to them. “I don’t feel the need to justify why I want to look like this to myself. They said, ‘Did you get fillers?’ Yes. I did. “And tomorrow, would you get a facelift?” Maybe, maybe not. Who knows? It’s my body and those who want to do what they want or don’t want, I don’t condone that,” she said.

The actor continued, “I don’t want people to say Shruti asks everyone to have fillers. no If you want to do it, do it. If you don’t want to, don’t. Let me do what I do.”

Shruti Haasan said that eventually people would tell her that she “doesn’t look like a hero”. “Shruti has the face of a foreigner. She’s very talented but she doesn’t look Indian enough but I’ve only been cast as a village girl in most of my films. It was very confusing for me,” she said.

In 2020, Shruti opened up about her plastic surgery on Instagram, sharing, “I’m pleased to say this is my life, my face, and yes I’ve had cosmetic surgery which I’m not ashamed to admit. Am I promoting it? No am I against it? No – it’s just how I live.”

She told Hindustan Times at the time: “If there are any actresses who tell you they didn’t, they’re obviously lying because people’s faces don’t change that much. But it’s just something I wanted to talk about.”

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