Siddhant Chaturvedi and Ishaan Khattar say they were promised Phone Bhoot would be a big film: ‘Don’t know what they spent the budget on’

Siddhant Chaturvedi and Ishaan Khatter, who will star in the upcoming Phone Bhoot film, have spilled quite a bit on the film and Katrina Kaif in a mockumentary interview by Excel Movies. The interview is entertaining throughout, with Siddhant making fun of Ishaan for not knowing how to act in a comedy film and Ishaan remaining silent when asked if he received more money for the film.

Siddhant and Ishaan both agreed on camera that it’s best to read the script before responding or saying yes to a film. Off-camera, however, the couple chuckled about it and claimed they didn’t read the entire script as they were busy supporting brands. Ishaan said “Maine tabhi haan kardi thi, Jab Katrina ne haan kiya tha (I said yes when Katrina agreed to do the film).” Siddhant agreed and said he was doing the same.

The duo went on to say that Katrina surprised them when she turned out to be a prankster on set. They said that of the three, Katrina was the biggest prankster on set. Siddhant also took a look at Excel movies and said: “Mujhe toh bola tha ki badi film hogi (They told me it was going to be a ‘big’ movie).” Ishaan replied: Pata nahi film ki budget kaha udaa diya (I don’t know what they spent the film’s big budget on).”

Phone Bhoot is managed by Gurmmet Singh and scheduled for release on November 4th. The film’s two-minute trailer, released a few days ago, features Katrina as a ghost giving a business idea to Sidhhant and Ishaan, who aspire to become “bhootbusters.” The film also stars Jackie Shroff.

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