Since Akasa Air allows pets on board, here are 9 things to consider when traveling with cats or dogs

Many pet parents cancel their vacations or struggle to find places to let them furry friends on their premises. But it’s not just accommodation, traveling with pets can be just as challenging – no more as Akasa Air, India’s new scheduled airline, will allow domesticated cats and dogs on board (along with passengers) from next month.

“Pet dogs and cats will be able to travel starting in November and related bookings will start on October 15,” said Belson Coutinho, co-founder, chief marketing and experience officer PTI. However, only small pets weighing up to seven kilograms can be carried in the passenger cabin and heavier pets weighing more than seven kilograms are carried in the cargo hold.

So if you are planning to travel on an airplane with your pet, here are some expert tips to make the trip a memorable one for you and your pet.

pets Here’s what you need to know before taking your pet on air travel (Source: Thinkstock Images)

“Air to travel with the puppy dog ​​can be exciting and fun provided you keep a few points in mind,” said Dr. Sanjiv Rajadhyaksha, Medical Director,, to

*Your pet must be examined by a veterinarian to confirm it is airworthy.

*The airline should ensure that the domestic animal maintained in a pressurized cabin at normal ambient temperature with adequate oxygen.

*If the pet stays in the cargo, make sure its crate has enough space to move, which is approximately twice its body length. It should also be secure so that the pet does not escape.

*If your pet is smaller and allowed in the cabin, they may need appropriate sedation, which can be obtained from your veterinarian, to ensure they do not disturb other passengers.

* Make sure they have light meals before the trip and have access to water when in the cargo (some ice cubes can be put in the water tray).

*Ensure your pet is fully vaccinated and that you have all vaccination cards with you. Follow all protocols suggested by the airline and your trusted veterinarian.

*Avoid traveling with short-nosed or snub-nosed brachycephalic breeds pugs, Shih Tzus or Persian cats with a bat face. They should not be transported as cargo as they are more prone to shortness of breath.

*Do not travel with a pet that has heart or respiratory problems.

*When you arrive at the destination, open your pet’s crate as soon as possible and check that your pet is safe. If you suspect something is wrong, take her to the vet as soon as you disembark.

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