Sivakarthikeyan reveals Prince is an ‘anti-war film’

Sivakarthikeyan awaiting release latest movie princeHe had an epiphany of sorts while sitting idle during the Covid-induced lockdown. He felt there was a gap in the comedy genre as a full fledged comedy film has become something of a rarity. And that became the trigger point for him to seize the opportunity to work with young filmmaker Anudeep KV, who is making waves in Telugu cinema with his clean humor.

“Sitting at home and watching content on OTT platforms during Covid, I felt that there were fewer humor films. I wondered why that was. And it struck me that I came here to do comedy. So I should stop thinking about it and make a humor film. That’s when I met Anudeep. I had also seen his film Jathi Ratnalu. In this film, all characters had a certain innocence and some characters were even stupid. This movie was very simple and fun. And I wanted to try a film like that. No one will say no to laughter,” Sivakarthikeyan said in an interview with Galatta Plus.

Written and directed by Anudeep KV, Prince marks Sivakarthikeyan’s debut in Tollywood. Thanks to the director’s growing popularity in Telugu states, the star feels the film will have greater visibility there compared to his previous films.

If Prince is a commercial success, it will be Sivakarthikeyan’s third straight win. His last two films Doctor and Don exceeded expectations by bringing crowds back to theaters in large numbers despite the spread of Covid at the time.

“They (the audience) want a mix of everything, comedy, dance, emotion and song. It should be a film that all ages can enjoy. Doctor was a risky endeavor, we knew it very well. The reason it worked was because the film had a humor quotient that met audience expectations. What I understand from Doctor and Don’s success is that they’re okay with me doing any genre, but I shouldn’t fail to entertain them,” he added.

Sivakarthikeyan noted that he takes every decision with a “business point of view” in mind to ensure no stakeholder suffers from his decisions. “I’d love to do all sorts of genres, but I can’t see how I would fit into a film that has too much violence. It all depends on what kind of director is taking care of the project and I can’t make that decision based on just one script,” the actor said.

Sivakarthikeyan said that Prince speaks about urgent geopolitical matters in a very simple way. He even called this film an “anti-war film”. “If this humor pattern works for the audience, it will be a new experience for them,” he added.

Prince also plays Sathyaraj and Maria Ryaboshapka. The film hits theaters on October 21.

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